by David Holmes

Getting to Louisville, I was nervous about many aspects of the Fellows Program. Would I enjoy Louisville? Will I get along with the other Fellows? Did I make the right decision in choosing the Fellows? Most of all, I was nervous about what job I was going to have. Even after starting the program, the lack of a job was at the forefront of my mind. Will I get a job that works for what I want? What if the people at my work do not like me? Can I even do the job I will be hired to do?

However, God used this time of stress and turmoil for good. While my thoughts were quickly evolving into uncertainty about all aspects of my life, God had a different plan. God forced me out of my own mind to look at all the good that the program has done for me. For instance, how my first 24 hours in Louisville were filled with nothing but dozens of people from St. Francis telling me how excited they were to have me and the other fellows here, or how Louisville was filled with all of what I wanted in a city where I live. God taught me a lesson that could be seen in a 1986 classic: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Perhaps my first couple weeks are not exactly how I expected them to be, yet God has shown me all the good here in Louisville and St. Francis in the Fields. Now that I have stopped and looked around at what God has provided me, I am excited for what this year in the Louisville Bridge Fellows will provide.