By Gracie Puckett

My time since saying yes to being part of the Fellows Initiative at-large has not been what I expected. From saying yes and gearing up to go to Memphis to getting the sad news of the program shutting down for the year, I questioned God’s ability to lead and provide for me. Little did I know God had this beautiful option around the corner that fit exactly what I was looking for in this “gap” year program I had said yes to in March. Even in my questioning of Him, God provided!

Before arriving in Louisville, I was elated to be moving to a new city but also quite nervous at what was ahead. I was nervous about St. Francis, connecting with the other Fellows, relationships with the staff at the church, what my host family would be like, and what work would look like. From growing up as a pastor’s kid in the PCA, St. Francis was quite the one eighty that I was not expecting. The first Sunday I was just amazed at the beauty of the church service, specifically the liturgy, community, choir, and communion. This amazement has only grown as the months have gone by. God has provided a beautiful church where I get to recognize His holiness in all aspects of the church service which I haven’t done on this scale ever before. The other Fellows have been such a blessing more than words can describe; they have truly made Louisville home. God has continued providing. The church staff welcomed us with open arms as we entered the unknown and have truly shown me love in every interaction. He is my provider. My host family has been beyond amazing and has been truly like a family to me; I am immensely blessed. I keep thanking God for providing me a beautiful home. Not finding work right away was unexpected and nerve-wracking, yet God met me in my space and provided me a job at Home of the Innocents. Daily I get to just be in awe of the way God continues to provide for me and come to Him with trust and excitement for the year ahead.